cropped-string-animation-pics-587.jpg Natasha Brooks is a film maker and visual artist based on Anglesey, North Wales. Her film work has received various awards including the BMC Women In Adventure Film award and the BMC Peoples choice award 2015 and has made the official selection of many film festivals including BANFF Canada, KMF, SHAFF, New York Wild Festival, and many more. Her film BlueHue has toured over 40 countries world wide with the BANFF World Tour and has been broadcast on Channel 4 in November 2016 as part of the ‘Life on The Edge’ series.

 She is currently creating a body of work that further explores the meditative states induced through breath control, particularity through her training in free diving.

Watch this space for details on her next adventure film… work in progress!

Natasha chooses to look within, to deeply understand and express the many facets of the human condition. Her work is highly personal and visceral, placing herself in, and highlighting the fragility of the natural life cycles that encompass all. She often uses water to symbolise the barriers observed between the physical and the spiritual, the internal and external. Her work is influenced by the ideas and works of Marcus Coates, Joseph Beuys, James Turrell and the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung.

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