cropped-string-animation-pics-587.jpg Natasha Brooks is a fine artist based on Anglesey, North Wales. Having extensively travelled, she has drawn from her experiences and chooses to focus on the uniting characteristics of humanity that span the globe despite geographical and cultural divides. Because of modern worldwide technological bridges, the chance for connectivity, empathy and understanding have never been experienced on such a scale before. In this increasingly small world Natasha believes that it is important to focus on unity to tread a sustainable path through our increasingly precarious future.

Natasha chooses to look within, to deeply understand and express the many facets of the human condition. Her work is highly personal and visceral, placing herself in, and highlighting the fragility of the natural life cycles that encompass all. She often uses water to symbolise the barriers observed between the physical and the spiritual, the internal and external. Her work is influenced by the ideas and works of Marcus Coates, Joseph Beuys, James Turrell and the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung.

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